What Makes Impact Different?

Impact Health Sharing


Have you ever

felt in the dark

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If you are here, you are looking for another way, a better way.
At Impact Health Sharing, our approach to health care not only works better and feels better than insurance, but it’s more effective and efficient than many other healthcare sharing organizations.

Impact Health Sharing is built on an industry-leading platform, providing a level of transparency in the sharing process never experienced before.


Impact Health Sharing

Transparent Sharing Services

At its core, Impact enables peer-to-peer sharing through innovative algorithms that match, allocate, and transfer funds from member to member, which clearly demonstrates that Impact is neither insurance nor works like it.  

Bill Publishing

Impact generates and publishes notifications before the transfer of funds, to both the member with a Need and the member(s) sharing in the Need, for maximum visibility.


Distributed Reserves

Impact assists the member community in building and sustaining medical reserves that are distributed across member accounts. This ensures that the community is prepared to take care of each other. 

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Impact Health Sharing


Share Stream

Members can generate private posts as inquiries or service requests and public posts to connect with fellow members.

Member Sharing

Members are provided full control over their Share Account and all peer-to-peer sharing activities.


Impact Health Sharing

Pay Less with Innovation and Information

Powered by its Partner Services, Impact Health Sharing employs a collection of Cost Containment Services that are engineered to capture lower costs, drive Provider acceptance and ensure an optimal Member Experience.

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Decision Time.

How do I decide if Impact is right for me?

Choosing your health care is a big decision. It is important to consider multiple options, but we think you will find Impact wins! Use this Decision Guide to help you navigate through your decision.

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decision guide

Questions to ask as you consider healthcare options.

When comparing healthcare sharing plans, it can be difficult to understand the differences. As you compare options, here are a few questions and Impact Health Sharing's answers.

Is there a Lifetime limit to sharing?

There is no lifetime limit on sharing. A few unique circumstances, like maternity and the first 60 days of membership, carry sharing limits. See full details in the Guidelines.

How is impact growing?
95% of Impact members joined because a trusted friend referred them. Impact doesn't have a large monthly marketing budget because personal referrals work best.
How are bills processed?
Members present their member ID cards to their service providers. The provider then discounts the bill accordingly, processing bills for sharing as they are received.